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Why Picture Perfect Pugs

We believe that first and foremost, a dog needs to be healthy. This means structural integrity through things like good bone structure, correct joints, and proportionate build. Even though the AKC has no required OFA health testing, we still do it because we want to make sure that our pugs are as sound and as healthy we can possibly make them! All of our dogs passed their ophthalmology tests so our pups are more likely to have no eye issues, like some other pugs can be prone to. We also test for PDE and DM. Less vet bills for you and longer, healthier lives for them. 

After health, we look at temperament. Temperament is involved in every interaction you will have with your pug. A dog with a sound temperament will be slow to aggression and quick to learn. He will assess a situation before reacting to it. Dogs with good temperament are intelligent, aware of their surroundings, and have strong loyalty. We want pugs that are easy going and can fit into a myriad of lifestyles. We have intelligent dogs who excel in both families and in one-on-one environments (one owner, one dog). 

From the day they are born they are exposed to people, kids, pets, noises, and lots and lots of love. 

Lastly, we breed for color. We think all pugs are absolutely beautiful, no matter what color they are! We adore our traditional black and fawn coloring just as much as our more exotic colors. They are very rare in the United States and we have imported some of our dogs so we can breed the highest quality of beautiful colors without sacrificing health. Most of our dogs are AKC certified but since AKC does not recognize any pugs that are not fawn or black, we have extended our program to include KC and UKC dogs as well. Please reach out if you have any questions at all! 

We have the ability to produce pugs of so many rare colors such as: white, chinchilla, black silver, black merle, chocolate merle, black merle with tan points, chocolate merle with tan points, black fawn, chocolate fawn merle, cream (non albino white), solid black, solid chocolate, black fawn, chocolate fawn, black tan point, chocolate tan point, blue fawn, and silver.


Our Promise To You

We love our dogs and we love our owners. To help you be as successful as possible, we are ALWAYS available for you. If you have any question, concern, or story to tell, we are here for you. You can always contact us, day or night, and we will do whatever we can to help you. 
Because we deal with our dogs every day, we are familiar with their growth patterns, hormone changes, and understand their quirks. This knowledge can help you save unnecessary vet visits and heartache. Additionally, we offer a 24-month genetic health guarantee because we are so confident in our breeding program.
We never want you to feel like you’re out of options with your dog. If you find you can no longer care for your dog, for any reason, at any age, in any condition, we will happily take him back, no questions asked. We will either retire him in our home or rehome him, whatever is better for the dog.

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